About the Owner

Aleka is the passionate and talented Lash Artist and owner/operator of The LBL Salons & The LBL Beauty Academy located in the DFW área. When she is not lashing, she is teaching other aspiring lash artists how to cultivate skills and perfect their craft. You can also find her facilitating lash workshops for professionals in nearby cities and surrounding states--- sharing this gift with others is so fulfilling for her. While her talent and skill in lashing is paramount, the most important job she has is being a mother to her son, Benjamin.

Prior to lashing, she was a Marketing professional with seventeen plus years of experience in the transportation industry working in both transit and aviation. She was also an on-campus and online Marketing & Business college adjunct professor for ten years. She received a bachelor’s degree in Mass Media Communications and a master’s degree in Marketing. Aleka’s love for teaching, lifelong learning, her entrepreneurial spirit, and passion for lashing make her an unequivocal force to be reckoned with.